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A Harvest of Innocence is now available exclusively on Amazon! Order your copy today! 

In a case based on a lie, only one man knows the truth. Attorney Dan Stidham breaks his self-imposed 30 year silence to expose details only he knows about in the infamous West Memphis 3 murders. Exposing what happened will allow him to close the door on a case that tormented him for years and help to exonerate the three innocent young men who spent decades in prison because of the malevolence of the police, prosecution, and judge.


The West Memphis 3 Murder Case- which captured America's attention and that of the entire world in the 1990's to such an extent it remains one of the most discussed true crime stories even today--has become synonymous with injustice. A Harvest of Innocence is an intimate, unsettling, and balanced look at what the case did to Stidham himself, to the victims' families, and to the West Memphis 3 themselves. It is a no-holds-barred exposition of the politics and the unbridled ambition of a few men who destroyed so many lives.

John Grisham, Meet Dan Stidham

     - Arkansas Times


Dan Stidham is a modern day Atticus Finch and only he can tell the real story of the WM3 murder case.

     - Kelly Duda- Filmaker-  Factor 8

Images from the WM3 Case
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