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Meet Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy has won many writing/editing awards for his work in the publishing industry including:

Sports Illustrated Top Books of the Year: Facing Ali

Harvard University’s Goldsmith Award, Book of the Year: Embedded, The Media at War in Iraq

Esquire magazine’s Year’s Five Best Reads: Far Afield, A Sports writing Odyssey

Readers Digest, Top Five Summer Books, King of Heists

American Library Association, Best Non-Fiction, In the Margins Book Award for America's Massacre: The Audacity of Despair and a Message of Hope

E-Captain: Best Books of the Year: Crossing the Bar, The Adventures of a San Francisco Bay Bar Pilot

Silver Medal: Independent Publishers: Best Regional Non-Fiction: For Sale: American Paradise: How our Nation was Sold on Impossible in Florida

Foreword, Best Sports Books: Cohn-Head

BookSense Notable Pick (March): Patriots Act: Voices of Dissent

BookSense Notable Pick (May): The Color of Love

Ben Franklin Award Finalist: Hell Is Over, Voices of the Kurds After Saddam

CASEY Award Finalist for Spitball, The Literary Baseball Magazine: A Tale of Two Cities

Runner’s World Best Books of the Year: Everyone’s Guide to Running and Be Iron Fit

Ben Franklin Award, Sports: Duty, Honor, Victory, America’s Athletes in World War II


Here are some of the books that Tom has written and edited:

Pirates and Shipwrecks: True Stories (Mystery and Mayhem) Oct  2016 

The Greatest Special Ops Stories Ever Told  March 2016

Survival: True Stories (Mystery and Mayhem) October 2016

Daring Heists: Real Tales of Sensational Robberies and Robbers (Mystery and Mayhem) May 2017

Weird Disappearances: Real Tales of Missing People (Mystery and Mayhem) May 2017

The Greatest Air Combat Stories Ever Told (October 2017)

The Greatest Coast Guard Rescue Stories Ever Told (August  2017)

The Greatest Sniper Stories Ever Told (May 2016)


Here are some accolades to Tom’s work from some of the authors he has worked with:


New York Times best-selling author Jim Bouton:

“I thank Tom McCarthy for the courage to go where others feared to tread. So far, none of our opponents has offered to buy stock in his company.” -Jim Bouton


New York Times best-selling author Melinda Roth:

“My thanks to Tom McCarthy, this book’s editor, whose belief in the book and continual encouragement and high humor kept me going through the worst of it.”


Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Sprague Theobald:

“Thanks to Tom McCarthy, for being a great human being, a brilliant editor, and for making me look far better than I actually am.”


New York and Boston sportswriters John Harper and Tony Massarotti:

“A special thanks to Tom McCarthy, who embraced this idea from the beginning, and who remained patient, optimistic and unwavering in his support throughout.”


Sports Illustrated Award Winning Author S.L. Price:

“Thanks to editor Tom McCarthy for bringing it all home.”


Here are some reviews about books that Tom has worked on:

Opium Season - Joel Hafvenstein-

"The sobering dispatches in “Opium Season,” a wrenching account of lofty hopes and bitter disappointments, shed a dismal light on American efforts to improve the lot of ordinary Afghans. -New York Times


Embedded: The Media at War in Iraq: Bill Katovsky and Timothy Carlson

"The interviews crackle with immediacy." -The New York Times "Astonishing." -New York Daily News "It is my hope that this outstanding piece of work will reach the widest possible distribution and readership." - Dan Rather


Far Afield, A Sportswriting Odyssey: S.L. Price

"The sports reportage in this gracefully written book is strong enough to make the sometimes-dated events seem timeless." - New York Times "Far Afield is mostly a journey of self-discovery, honest and true without any of the usual sun-dappled barf. It reminds us that sports can tell us more about one another than just about anything else we do, so long as someone as able as Price provides the translation. -Esquire


Racing the Sunset: An Athlete’s Quest for Life After Sports- Scott Tinley

"Racing the Sunset is a helpful handrail not just for retiring athletes but also for anyone facing a difficult crossroads. While Tinley spoke with an impressive number of ex-athletes... the strongest passages here are his own vignettes." -Sports Illustrated


Full Count: The Book of Mets Poetry Frank Messina

“Frank Messina has become a classic.” -The New York Times


Surviving the Toughest Race on Earth: Martin Dugard

"A book that goes beyond pain, into the numbing realm of adventure racing." -Los Angeles Times


King of Heists: J. North Conway

“A page-turning account of one of the most brazen crimes of our time.” - Reader’s Digest


The Color of Love: Gene Cheek

“A mesmerizing yarn of growing up poor and white in 1950s North Carolina, surrounded by generations of wife-beating alcoholics.” - Publishers Weekly  “A powerful story of love and forgiveness in the context of racial hatred during a tumultuous time in the South. -Booklist


Small Boat to Freedom: A Journey of Conscience to a New Life in America: John Vigor

"Not since Robert Manry's 'Tinkerbelle' in 1965 has there been a true sailing story as fresh and authentic as John Vigor's Small Boat to Freedom." -Washington Sunday Times


What a list of accomplishments for my new co-author. I am extremely pleased to be working with Tom McCarthy and with his tremendous experience and dedication, I am confident that he can bring my story “home” as well.

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